You can reach all of our staff at (415) 346-3740. Extensions are listed below.

JennyJennifer Friedenbach, Executive Director
x 306
IMG_1046Jason Law, Finance Coordinator
x 307
Photo on 2-2-16 at 10.33 PMLesley Haddock, Development Coordinator
x 303
fullsizerenderSam Lew, Street Sheet Editor
x 309
Screen shot 2016-06-02 at 1.10.23 PMKelley Cutler, Human Rights  Organizer                                                                                                                        x 312
MiguelMiguel Carrera, Housing Justice Organizer
x 319
JesusJesus Perez, Senior Volunteer
IrmaIrma Nunez, Peer Organizer
IMG_0356Julia D’Antonio
x 318
We also work closely with allies who work in the COH office:
WillWill Daley, Shelter Client Advocate
(415) 346-7685
Michelle Daniels, Shelter Client Advocate
(415) 346-7685
RaulRaúl Fernández-Berriozábal, SRO Families United Coordinator
x 316


  1. Where can I hire a street person to put a shower head on, and take off ole one?

  2. I was wondering what your opinion is of Proposition Q (Housing not tents)

  3. Hey Cassandra. Unfortunately, Prop Q offers absolutely nothing in the form of housing, and was created to further criminalize homeless people while pulling more conservative voters to the polls. We find it very discouraging that this is even on the ballot. Here is some more info

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