Housing Justice

Our Vision
The Housing Justice Workgroup is working toward a San Francisco in which every human being can have and maintain decent, habitable, safe, and secure housing.

Poor San Franciscans face unimaginable hardships today: the severity of the housing crisis and the city’s combining skyrocketing rents; an 170% increase in Ellis Act Evictions; an almost 40% hike in all evictions; the almost complete cessation of new affordable housing opportunities.

The powerful, active Housing Justice workgroup, made up entirely of homeless and formerly homeless parents, is:

  • Pushing the Housing Authority to turn its vacant units over to homeless folks,
  • Struggling to increase subsidies available to homeless families to get them out of homelessness,
  • Working to halt mean-spirited proposals coming from policy makers, and
  • Trying to ensure that not one more preventable displacement of an impoverished San Franciscan takes place.

This past year, in work led by disenfranchised San Franciscans, we expanded housing justice for hundreds of households.

All those down for the cause are welcome to join!

Housing Justice meets every Tuesday at 12 noon at 280 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Key staff:
Miguel Carrera
(415) 346-3740 × 319