Research Papers

Voices of the Unseen (2023)
A Real Count of Homeless Families

Latino Task Force 2022 Street Needs Assessment and Proyecto Dignidad

A New Coordinated Entry: Shifting From a System of Scarcity to Assessing Real Needs (2022)

Behind the Healthy Street Operation Curtain (2021)
The True Story of San Francisco’s Abusive Encampment Response

Water Report (2021)
Water for All

Compassionate Alternative Response Team: A Community Plan for San Francisco (2021)

Stop the Revolving Door (2020)
A Street Level Framework For A New System (which includes the following PDFs)
The Crisis Of Transgender Homelessness

Punishing the Poorest (2017)
How the Criminalization of Homelessness Perpetuates Poverty in San Francisco

The Roadmap (2015)
A Five-Year Plan to End the Crisis of Family Homelessness in San Francisco

Harassment and Displacement in The Mission (2014)
Community Experiences Survey

The Runaround (2009)
An Examination of San Francisco’s Byzantine Shelter Reservation System

Shelter Shock (2007)
Abuse, Cruelty, and Neglect in San Francisco’s Shelter System

Housing First! for Homeless Families (2005)
Guidelines and Findings for San Francisco

The Forgotten (2005)
A Critical Analysis of Homeless Policy in San Francisco

A Ten Point Program (2003)
to Immediately Address Homeless Programs

Scoring Treatment (2003)
The San Francisco Substance Abuse Treatment Study

Sheltered Lives (2001)
Homeless People Speak Out on San Francisco’s Shelters

Locked Out (1999)
The Voices of Homeless People with Mental Illnesses