Street Sheet

Resistance through Economic Justice

Our newspaper, the Street Sheet, is the longest continuously publishing newspaper of its kind. We print 17,000 every two weeks that poor and homeless people can sell for a $1. We have over 240 Street Sheet vendors who use the paper as a dignified source of income—whether that is to pay their rent or be able to afford other basic necessities. The Street Sheet comes out with well researched, hard hitting, truthful news that comes directly from homeless people themselves. It facilitates the release of the unfiltered voices of those experiencing severe destitution in the shadows of affluence, reaching every day San Franciscans. At a time when print media is at risk of dying out, our paper is going strong—with vibrant artwork, poetry, journalism, storytelling, comics, and more.

At the beginning of 2015, we launched our first major redesign since 1993, when we ran our first photo. In the next couple months, the Street Sheet will be returning to the Web with an extension of our redesign.

The Street Sheet Editor is Bob Offer-Westort
(415) 346-3740 ×309